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The most beneficial diet to heal your gut and how to implement it


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Presented by Jenna Johnson,
Cert. Holistic Nutritionist, Gut Health Specialist

Jenna is a certified holistic nutritionist, with expertise in gut health. She lives in Chicago with her husband, son, and dog, Cashew! Before starting The Scrounge Jenna worked in healthcare advertising for fortune 500 clients like J&J, but always had a passion for nutrition and health and wellness. She went from having chronic stomach issues most of her life to feeling better than ever in her 30’s! She can confidently say that taking a holistic approach to her health has CHANGED HER LIFE FOREVER, and Jenna believes it can do the same for you! This ultimately led her to owning her own business so that she could share all of what she learned with other women. Jenna received her bachelor’s degree from Miami University and completed postgraduate studies with AFPA. Jenna was also a private performance chef for professional athletes in Chicago. 


As a Holistic Nutritionist Jenna has been featured in…

Lux & Concord Women We Love, Lifelong Podcast, AFPA Grad of the Month, Raw Guru guest author, Conquer Life featured expert

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