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Chorizo Stuffed Dates

The flavor combo in these stuffed dates is on point! The pairing of the sweet dates with the salty chorizo and creamy goat cheese is simply divine. These are the perfect app to bring to your holiday parties this week. They're super easy to make and such a crowd pleaser. For me I love my apps to be healthy, quick and simple to make, these babies are just that. Enjoy!

I n g r e d i e n t s



Goat Cheese

Rosemary (optional)

D i r e c t i o n s

Cook the chorizo according to package, you will squeeze the meat out of the casing and heat over medium heat in a skillet for 6-8 mins.

Stuff dates with a little goat cheese and a little chorizo.

Top with a small piece of rosemary if desired.


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