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Wellness Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

I had so much fun putting this wellness stocking stuffer gift guide together for you guys! I've created a little guide of wellness goodies that are perfect for stuffing stockings, or as gifts on their own. Some of these items I personally own and others are on my list. I hope this gift guide provides you with some thoughtful and unique ideas for your loved ones and makes your life a little less stressful this time of year.

The reason I started the Scrounge is so I could share my passion for not only food, but for all things I'm energized by and want to share with others, which are mainly wellness related topics and of course, music. The Scrounge gives me a space to do that and I'm so thankful to have all of you that actually care what I have to say, thank you! Now let's dive into the gift guide!

These Blender Bombs have been something I've wanted to try for a while now, they are omega-3 rich smoothie boosters designed to make your smoothie a meal replacement. You can also eat these on their own as a meal replacement or as a snack. They sound delicious and are made with all natural ingredients, which is very important to me. They have several different flavors that all sound amazing! I've been eyeing the mint cacao chip flavor.

This Lulu Lemon Sweat Kit is perfect for the gym. I workout in the mornings so I've had my eyes on this kit ever since Lulu Lemon came out with their self care products. I believe the ingredients are clean which is important to me, it's the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the fitness junkie in your life. You could even buy the kit and split up the individual items as stocking stuffers for multiple people.

Yuni Shower Sheets are the best! Throw these in your gym bag and when you don't have time to shower or just need to quickly freshen up these shower sheets will do just the trick. They use clean ingredients and smell great too!

You know my love for Paromi teas runs deep! Paromi Detox Tea is a flavor I haven't tried yet, but would like to. It's the prefect caffeine free tea to drink before bed. The perfect gift for the health nut in your life...AND If you buy Scrounge 'n Sculpt you'll get a promo code for Paromi!

Clean beauty is imporant to me and that includes makeup. I've slowly been changing over all of my makeup to cleaner products and I have yet to find a clean mascara that I want to try, but I've heard Honest Mascara is great and it's a great price!

This product is a bit of an investment but I've tried samples of it to make sure I like it and I LOVE it! Chantecaille is a family owned company and they use the purest ingredients with a focus on flowers. This Chantecaille Face Cream smells amazing and feels even better!

I've been needing another set of measuring spoons and and I love these ones from Uncommon James. These Uncommon James Measuring Spoons are the perfect gift for the foodie in your life, they're so darn cute!

This Aesop Hand Soap is one of those gifts that I wouldn't buy for myself but is a fun luxurious beauty product to have in your home. I always love getting gifts like this that I won't buy for myself but would love to have. Buy this for the skincare junkie in your life.

This Old Salt Merchants Matcha Tea is bomb! It tastes great on eggs, seafood, vegetables, and chocolate! AND if you buy Scrounge 'n Sculpt you'll get a promo code for Old Salt Merchants!

How cute are these Graf Lantz Wine-O's! These are wine glass markers so you know which glass is yours. I love and want these for myself, a great gift for the wino in your life.

I've talked about Dazzle Dry Nail Polish on my stories and how obsessed I am with it! A non-toxic nail polish that lasts as long as a no chip or dip manicure, doesn't use a light, drys in 5 minutes and comes off with regular nail polish remover, genius!

My favorite non-toxic deodorant that doesn't stain my clothes and actually works Corpus Natural Deodorant ! I love this mini trio set so you can try out 3 scents and they're a great size for travel and your purse.

I've been wanting this New Morning Mercies Devotional book! Using a devotional really helps me when reading the Bible as it serves as a guide for what to read and where to start. I gave this to a friend for her birthday and she loves it!

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