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Why Scrounging Can Eliminate the Need to Meal Plan

I recently read an article about why you really only need 19 pieces of clothing. The article talked about “outfit formulas”, figuring out the things you like and using those as staples to create different outfits. I realized that's how I like to dress, I have my staples, jeans and t-shirts in neutral colors (white, black, nude, navy) and then I dress it up with accessories, jewelry, shoes, jackets, necklaces etc. This got me thinking, this is how I like to cook AND it’s exactly what Scrounging is all about! Scrounging really is a “cooking formula”.

Recently on The Scrounge I asked what your biggest challenges are to eating healthy. Many of you said things like, "meal planning", "hard to know what the week will bring","knowing what to even get and put together" and t"he time it takes to cook and plan meals". I have GREAT news! The Scrounge cooking formula will help with this!

What's The Scrounge Cooking formula? It's a formula for a specific combination of foods that you can use to create several different recipes, which is what Scrounging is all about!

All you need to do is, figure out the types of food you like to eat, then make sure you always have those staple foods in your kitchen. Staples should be foundational foods like vegetables, fruits, proteins, nuts, spices and grains. Once you have these determined, those will give you a great start and allow you to create different combinations to develop meals. If you don’t know where to start, use The Scrounge Grocery List here.

Scrounging can seep into all aspects of your life, it’s about minimalism and keeping things simple yet creative and classy ;)

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