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How To Travel Healthy

I love to travel, but sometimes it’s not always easy to travel healthy, am I right?! Well I’ve got some easy Scrounge tips to help you stay healthy while traveling. I’ve talked about this on my Instagram stories before, but I promised to write a post about it too, so here it is!

Below are a few staple snacks that I always bring with me when I travel - they’re great for the the plane and also throughout your trip. Airport food is so expensive, especially the healthy food, which is also why I like to bring some snacks of my own. As you know, I hate to waste food so if there is anything in my kitchen that will go bad while I’m away I'll pack that with me (i.e fruit, celery, carrots, grape tomatoes, etc.). Of course there are only certain foods you can actually travel with, so if it’s possible I take it. If you’re like me and are always snacking, bringing healthy food with you is helpful so you won’t have to buy something every time you’re hungry. Also, if you bring some dark chocolate with you it’s a great sweet treat if you’re ever craving something for dessert. I hope you enjoy these tips and let me know if you bring any of these snacks on your next trip!


  • Tea

  • On the plane when they offer you a drink I usually ask for hot water and use my own tea bag because their options are limited, it's typically just black tea

  • Nuts

  • Almonds, cashews, or trail mix, I like to make my own trail mix with whatever nuts I have at home and a few dark chocolate chips

  • Protein Bars

  • Great to eat as a snack or an on-the-go breakfast. A few healthy protein bars that I like are Rx Bars, Prefect Bars and Pro Bars. Or make my Scrounge Energy Bites, they're great for travel!

  • Fruit

  • Apple, orange or banana, these are probably the easiest to travel with

  • Sweet Potato Chips or Gluten Free Cracker

  • When I'm on the plane I always crave something salty, but usually I can't eat the snacks the airline provides because I'm gluten free and their typically not the healthiest of snacks either, so bringing healthy chips or crackers with me helps with that craving

  • Dark chocolate

  • Be careful if you’re traveling somewhere warm because it will melt in your bag (I've made this mistake before!), so if I’m going somewhere warm I’ll leave the chocolate behind

  • Water, Water, Water!

  • It's especially important to keep hydrated when you're traveling on an airplane, I always buy a bottle of water before I get on the plane and try to finish it by the time we land

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