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Nutty Dark Chocolate Covered Raspberries

These raspberry chocolate treats turned out to be so refreshingly tasty! They're the prefect combination of sweet, salty and cold. I used a few things I had at home to create this recipe. Now I will say, they didn't turn out the prettiest, however, who really cares as long as they taste great, am I right?

Next time I make these I'll do a few things differently like freeze the raspberries first, then dip them in chocolate and nuts. It still worked using fresh raspberries, but I had to be a little more careful when covering them. IMO they are best enjoyed if you freeze them first then let them sit on the counter for a few minutes before eating so they soften just a little bit. They taste best cold so they'll only need to sit for a few minutes. You may in fact like them right out of the freezer, so give them a try both ways. These are a great dessert to bring to a dinner party, as an added snack when having people over, or to keep in your freezer for yourself when you're craving something sweet with your glass of wine :) The best part about these is you can feel good eating them because they're sugar free and dairy free. I used Lilly's dark chocolate chips which are sweetened with Stevia and are diary free. You can thank me later for this sweet gift from heaven!


  • Lily's Dark Chocolate Chips (dairy free)

  • Organic raspberries

  • Sunflower seeds and/or sliced almonds (or what ever kind of nuts you like or have on hand)

  • Parchment paper

*I didn't list measurements because you can really make as many or as a few of these as you want depending on what you have on hand at home.


  1. Line a tupperware container or cookie sheet with parchment paper

  2. Rinse and dry raspberries

  3. I would suggest freezing the raspberries before covering with chocolate (I didn't do this, but in hindsight I would recommend it)

  4. Melt chocolate in microwave approx. 20 seconds at a time and stir until melted

  5. Cover raspberries with chocolate and immediately dip in nuts so they stick to the chocolate (the don't need to look perfect, trust me they will still taste great)

  6. Place dipped raspberries on parchment paper

  7. Freeze raspberries

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