Simple Acai Bowl

Updated: Jan 5

My husband did a Costco run for us and surprised me with acai packets because he knows how much I love acai bowls! Of course the next morning I had to make one, so I used what I had a home to make a fairly simple acai bowl, it turned out delicious!

T h e S c r o u n g e

If you don't have these exact ingredients, Scrounge with the things you have at home and you may end up creating something even better!

  • If you don't have blueberries, use whatever berries you have i.e. blackberries, strawberries, raspberries or even a mix of berries

  • If you don't have coconut milk, use any non-dairy milk or regular milk

  • If you don't have banana, use avocado or do without

  • If you don't have all of the toppings, get creative and use whatever you have at home, those are just ideas. You can also simply eat the acai bowl as a smoothie with no toppings.

I n g r e d i e n t s

1 Packet of frozen Sambazon acai berry or any brand you have

1/2 banana

1 cup blueberries

1/4 cup coconut milk


Granola of your choice and/or crumbled Blender Bombs

Fresh fruit of your choice

Chia seeds


Drizzle of almond butter or your choice of nut butter

D i r e c t i o n s

Blend all ingredients in a blender.

Add toppings.


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