How to Scrounge

Updated: Jan 5

What does it mean to "Scrounge"? Picture this, you're ravenous. You haven't gone grocery shopping and you're almost out of food ... it's time to Scrounge! This is truly how I learned to cook, being creative with the food I have on hand. The concept of The Scrounge is to not complicate cooking. That said, I've listed out my routine grocery list here of the foods that I always buy. If you follow my list and have these things on hand, you'll be able to make my recipes with a combination of these foods. There will be times you may not have every single ingredient, but with my recipes that typically isn't a deal breaker. You can do without or substitute with something you do have. Sometimes I like to spice up my grocery list, so I treat myself to one or two new products to try. I'll be sure to loop you into new brands I'm trying so you can add them to your list. Can't wait to Scrounge with you!


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